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There is no business like Snow Business

Each winter, the Epicenter Elves are busy making magic happen for children of all ages at a variety of events across Texas. It is no small effort, and the team works tirelessly to generate truly magical moments that cannot be described, but must be experienced to fully understand the power of this effect on audiences.

It all began the first year Epicenter was founded, when a client asked if we could repair their existing machines for an upcoming show. As we began to understand the machines and their inherent challenges, we contacted the major manufacturer of snow making equipment to resolve the issues and produce more reliable equipment and more realistic snow. In the coming years, we would evaluate snow fluids and eventually develop our own Epicenter Productions branded fluid to offer the most realistic, safest, and cleanest artificial snow effect we know of.

Today, we are considered to be market leaders in the art of producing this incredible special effect. And we have continued to push the boundaries by offering scented snow, blacklight reactive snow, and even filling entire stadiums with snow. We do snow indoors and outdoors. Single show snows and season long snows. And of all the snow we make, no one has to clean anything up.

But of all the magical attributes of snow, the greatest is perhaps the ability of snow to touch everyone in the same way- to create huge smiles, amazing photos, lasting memories, and holiday cheer while bringing us all together. The greatest job of all is the one that brings people together and makes them happy.

From all of the Snow Wizards at Epicenter Productions, we wish you the happiest and most magical of Holidays!

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