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Special Effects Rentals
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Sparkular Pyro System

The Showven Sparkular product is the original innovator for safe spark and flame effect machines and technologies. Epicenter Productions is the only factory trained rental house in the DFW area and offers a wide variety of machines including the original Sparkular, Sparkular Fall, Sparkular Spin, and Sparkular Cyclone.



















Showven Flame Systems

Shoven Flame Systems are among the safest and most impressive controllable flame effects in the industry. Epicenter is equipped to deliver the heat on demand with a variety of firing systems.

















Artificial Snow Machines

Epicenter offers a variety of snow machines to suit every application, along with our own proprietary snow fluids and years of experience making the most realistic snow.




















C02 Cannons

We offer the industry leading Club Cannon family of CO2 cannons, controls, and accessories. Club Cannon offers the highest quality and performance and ensures an effect that will command everyone's attention instantly.
























Confetti Cannons

Cumulus Low Lying Fog Technology

Nimbus Dry Ice Fogger

2W Full Color Scanning Lasers

Fog Machines

Haze Machines

Bubble Machines

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