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Management & Consulting

Epicenter Productions is the best choice when choosing a partner for managing your event or venue. We bring real world experience and a wealth of knowledge about all aspects to the table allowing you to bring your vision to reality while making sure the business case is accurate and the plan is executable.

Festivals and Events


Let us help you elevate your Festival or event and remove the worry. We handle the details and boots-on-the-ground effort, while you focus on marketing, ticket sales, and sponsors. 

Talent Buying                                              Technical Production

Tents/Tables/Chairs                                    Restrooms

Food & Beverage                                       Event Security & Staffing

Fencing                                                      Signage

Golf Cars                                                    Strolling Entertainment

Childrens Activities                                    Animal Attractions

Midway Attractions                                    Temporary Power & WiFi


Performance Venues




Epicenter is your one-stop call for brand activations anywhere in Texas. We can handle all the little details wile ensuring the message is front and center and impossible to miss.

Touring Shows



Epicenter Productions is the most logical choice for a regional production support partner in the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana/New Mexico area and beyond. 


Epicenter has partnered with numerous venues to package world class production with talent buying in order to provide clients the best possible entertainment experience while ensuring the budget and end-goals are always met. Let us show you how to stand out from the crowd and deliver real value to your guests.


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