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Design, Sales & Installation

Designing a performance space and creating immersive experiences for guests can transform spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Our unique approach takes into consideration the unique challenges that festivals, entertainers, and technology can present to designers- delivering a space that performs, on time and on budget. 

Public Third Space

Speaker on pole.jpg

Our award winning designs promote shopping, dining, entertaining and tourism in revitalized downtowns, shopping malls, and new mixed-use developments. 

Sound Systems                                              Architectural & Specialty Lighting Systems

Wayfinding                                                     Digital Video Displays and Signage

Automated Fountains                                    Atmospheric Enhancements

Integration with Street & Site Lighting           Specialty Power Distribution

Public and Private WiFi Networks                 Fiber Optic Campus Integration

Venue Design and Layout                             Venue Management & Programming

Downtown Sound

Performance & House of Worship

Streaming and Educational

FWCS Gym.jpg

Gym Sound Installation

Educational facilities are facing new challenges when trying to educate both in-person and online class participants, and we've got solutions. 


Consumables and Supplies


Gaff Tape

Our showroom stocks the consumables and supplies you need daily to keep your productions up and running. Stop in anytime for knowledgeable service and support, grab a bottle of water from the fridge, and let's chat!

Special Effect Fluids            Lighting Gels                              Batteries   

Gaff Tapes                           Windscreens                               Apple Boxes

Sandbags                            Mic Stands                                 Extension Cords

Clamps                                Cinefoil                                       Pattern Holders

Lamps                                 Rack Panels                                Safety Cables

Grip Supplies                      Tripods                                        Neutrik Connectors

Bulk Cable                           Pelican Cases                            Microphones / Headphones

XLR, DMX, SDI, HDMI, and iPod cables galore!


From discreet speaker systems to automated lighting to video walls that fly in and out of the space- todays dynamic House of Worship spaces demand quality and performance while maintaining aesthetic integrity with the space. Let our team create the perfect environment to deliver the message to your congregation while making it simple enough for the staff to operate.

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