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Entertainment Production and Rentals

Epicenter Productions offers the most comprehensive collection of professional event production equipment and supplies in the North Texas area. From mobile stages, sound systems, lighting, video, rigging and temporary power, to in-house backline, special effects and event safety necessities- we have you covered with the quality and reliability we are known for.

TCU Steel Drum Band Grapefest SL260


Mobile stages offer the fastest and safest solution for outdoor staging in unpredictable Texas weather. Our Stageline stages are built by the industry leader in stage safety and deploy using a minimum number of personnel in just hours, while achieving wind ratings up to 115MPH. Epicenter Productions has the most complete offering of mobile stages in Texas!

SL50       20x16                                                   SAM555    50x38

SL75       20x16                                                   SAM750    130x56

SL100     24x20                                                   PROMOBILE  32x24

SL260     32x24

SL320     40x40

SAM450  44x38

Varilite VL10

Vari-Lite VL10

Lighting makes the show and we have a large inventory of options from the best brands in the business. 

Varilite VL10                           Showline Beam 300                  Chauvet R2 Wash

Varilite VL6000                       Showline Beam 500                  Chauvet NXT-1

Varilite VLZ Profile                  Showline LED Spot300             Ovation Leko (WW, IP, FC)

Varilite VLZ Wash                   Showline Hydrus                       Ovation B2805

Varilite VLZ Spot                    Philips Nitro                               Chauvet Colorado

Varilite 3015LT                       Elation FLX                                Chauvet Pyxis

GrandMA                               Hog 4                                        Chamsys Stadium 500


Sundance Square movie Night Iris IP3 Video Wall

Iris IP3

Epicenter Productions offers a full compliment of video solutions from video walls and projection, to cameras, switching, and streaming options.

Iris IP3 3.9                                   

Unilumen 5.7                      






DW Professional Kit

Event Safety

Temperature Check Station

Grapefest Allen & Heath DLive S5000

Our Audio Department features the latest systems from top manufacturers, and can cover events from 100 to 100,000 people with ease. 

DiGiCo                                   Yamaha                                     Allen & Heath

Midas                                     Shure                                        DPA

Sennheiser                             AKG                                          Earthworks

RCF                                        QSC                                          K Array

Avid                                       Telefunken                                 Neve

XTA                                        Whirlwind                                  DB Technologies  

Allen & Heath DLive

Le Freak Glass Cactus NYE Club Cannon Sparkular Cold Spark

We are the Special Effects leaders for snow, fog, bubbles, lasers, confetti, and more.

Full Color Lasers

CO2 Systems

Compressed Air and Electronic Confetti

Fog, Quickblast fog, Low Lying Smoke

Bubbles, Fog filled bubbles

Cold Pyro


CO2 and Cold Pyro

DW Cracked Ice Fitz & The Tantrums

In 2019, Epicenter acquired MetroTone Backline out of Tennessee and relocated operations to our Bedford Headquarters. We offer a massive inventory of rider friendly gear and the same service and support you know us for.

DW                                            Yamaha                                           Ludwig

Tama                                          LP                                                   Hammond

Roland                                       Korg                                                Nord

Fender                                       Marshall                                          Vox

Aguilar                                       Ampeg                                            Trace Elliott

Eden                                          GK                                                   Pioneer DJ

Zildjian                                       Paiste                                              Istanbul

Click here for Backline Inventory                                          

Tauri Temperature Check Station

Event Safety was never more important than it is right now, and we offer a full compliment of solutions to monitor, protect, and ensure events can be held safely. From bike rack and crowd barricade, to temperature scanning stations, mask dispensers and hand sanitizer stations, all the way to signage and portalet sanitizing foggers- let us show you how to operate safely.                                                  

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